In the continuous stream of news and blog posts, when, how often, in what context, and with what sentiment was an entity or term mentioned? These and other similar questions can be answered by using the visual news analytics web platform NewStream. Its main functionality is the projection of documents (news articles and blog posts) and their sentiment to a time-line, based on a query. The uniqueness of this platform is its focus on the financial domain with lightweight semantics and sentiment analysis.

The news articles and blogs are collected from 2,600 RSS feeds from 175 English language web sites, covering the majority of web news in English and focusing on financial news and blog sources, amounting to about 35,000 documents daily. We collect data from the main news providers and aggregators (like,,,, and also from the main financial blogs (like The fifty most productive web sites account for 80% of our collected documents.

Give it a try and get inspired: